This installation guide includes only the GeoCAT-examples installation instructions. Please refer to GeoCAT Contributor’s Guide for installation of the whole GeoCAT project.

Create a GeoCAT-examples Conda environment

GeoCAT-examples is not distributed as a conda package; thus, there is no conda installation for it.

The easiest way to access GeoCAT-examples is by cloning the repo and then using a Conda environment and then building file of which is provided in this repo as follows:

From the root directory of the cloned geocat-examples repository, run the following commands:

$ conda env create -f conda_environment.yml -n geocat-examples
$ conda activate geocat-examples

Note that the Conda package manager automatically installs all the required dependencies of GeoCAT-examples listed under conda_environment.yml file (such as geocat-comp, geocat-datafiles, cartopy, matplotlib, netcdf4, etc.); therefore, there is no need to explicitly install those packages.

If you need to make use of other software packages with GeoCAT-examples, you may wish to install them into your geocat-examples environment at anytime with a command as in the following example (assuming your geocat-examples environment is already activated):

$ conda install -c bokeh bokeh

If you are interested in learning more about how Conda environments work, please visit the managing environments page of the Conda documentation.