This version of the gallery uses experimental features from geocat-viz. We advise against using this version of the gallery to learn how to make visualizations, as it will be minimally maintained for plotting accuracy. However, we still want to provide it as a sneak peak for the GeoCAT user community. To see the latest stable version of the gallery, click on the version at the bottom of the contents panel on the left and select latest.

This gallery contains visualization examples from many plotting categories of geosciences data (under the Gallery tab) and usage examples for the functions of the GeoCAT computational component, GeoCAT-comp (under the GeoCAT-comp Examples tab).

For visualization, mainly matplotlib and cartopy are used. In addition, geocat-datafiles is used as a dataset storage and geocat-viz is used for a higher level implementation for low level matplotlib functionalitie. Xarray and numpy are used for data processing.

Click on any image to see the full image and source code as well as to download Python script and/or Jupyter notebook.

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